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Lip Reduction Surgery

Our recommended facial plastic surgeons specialise in a range of cosmetic surgery procedures including lip reduction surgery. Patients will have the opportunity to consult with their chosen surgeon in order to discuss whether lip reduction is a suitable solution for their aesthetic concerns.

1 week
Surgery time
45 minutes
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48 hours
48 hours
4 days
Full recovery
4 weeks

What Is Lip Reduction?

Cheiloplasty, commonly known as lip reduction, is a surgical procedure that reshapes the lip area in order to reduce the volume of the lips. The surgery restores balance to the lips and facial profile by removing excess mucosa (the moist tissue that lines the inner lip) that causes the lips to disproportionately protrude.

Lip Reduction Benefits

Lip reduction delivers a number of benefits for patients concerned by the large appearance of their lips:

  • Lip reduction restores symmetry and proportionality to the upper and lower lips
  • Lip reduction corrects a cleft lip or palate
  • Lip reduction can correct the undesirable outcome of a lip augmentation surgery 
  • Lip reduction is a relatively straightforward surgical procedure that entails a minimal downtime, does not leave behind any visible scars, and delivers permanent results

Lip Reduction Procedure

Surgeons usually use local anaesthesia or sedation during lip reduction before making an incision either on the upper, lower lip, or both. The incision goes horizontally along the inner lip in order to remove a predetermined amount of the mucosal tissue. Afterwards, the surgeon will close the incision with dissolvable stitches, thus reducing the volume of the lips.

Lip Reduction Surgery Recovery Time

Most patients usually make a full recovery in 1-2 weeks following a lip reduction procedure, after which the stitches should be dissolved and the area completely healed. During this time, you may experience redness and swelling around the lip area which you can manage with ice packs and over the counter pain medication. 

Lip Reduction Surgery Cost

The exact cost of the surgery varies depending on the nature of each individual’s lips. On average, lip reduction surgery in the UK usually starts from £4,250. Your surgeon will confirm the price during a consultation.

Alternative Lip Reshaping Procedures

Lip Lift Surgery

In contrast to a lip reduction surgery, a lip lift surgery reshapes the lips in order to elevate the upper lip, add projection to the lower lip, and shorten the distance of the philtrum (the vertical space between the base of the nose and the top of the upper lip).

Dermal Fillers 

Dermal fillers are injections, made of hyaluronic acid (a compound naturally produced by the body), that add volume and make the lips appear plump. Patients who wish to maintain results will need to repeat the procedure every 12-18 months, as the filler naturally dissolves after this time.

Lip Reduction and Rhinoplasty

Some patients choose to combine a lip reduction procedure with a rhinoplasty surgery, commonly known as a ‘nose job’, in order to enhance their aesthetic appearance. This is because altering the shape of your upper lip can make your nose seem out of proportion. 

Furthermore, patients find it convenient to undergo both procedures simultaneously as the incisions are relatively close together. Therefore, patients can combine the recovery time for both procedures and get a lip reduction at a reduced price.

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Who is a good candidate for lip reduction?

Most adults who wish to reduce the size of their lips are good candidates for lip reduction. The surgery may be suitable for patients who have naturally large lips due to genetics, congenital deformities (e.g. a cleft lip), injuries, or a lip augmentation surgery. 

Is lip reduction surgery permanent?

Yes, lip reduction permanently reduces the size of the lips as it involves the surgical removal of excess tissue.

Is lip reduction safe?

Lip reduction, when performed by an experienced surgeon, is a relatively uncomplicated procedure that is widely considered to be safe. However, as with any surgical procedure, lip reduction carries some risks such as infections, allergic reactions to the anaesthesia, and temporary numbness, all of which will be openly discussed with you during your consultation.

Does lip reduction surgery leave scars?

There will be no visible scarring following the surgery since the surgical incisions are inside of the mouth. Furthermore, the scar itself will gradually heal and become nearly invisible several weeks after the surgery.  

Is lip reduction surgery covered by insurance? 

Typically, medical insurance doesn’t cover lip reduction because it is a cosmetic procedure. However, your insurance may cover the surgery if you need it to correct a congenital deformity.

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