You need to make a procedure fit the patients needs, and not the patient fit a procedure and its limitations.”

Prof. Ghassan Abu-Sittah is a renowned plastic surgeon specialising in treating the face. He is widely regarded as a facial engineer for his ingenious surgical techniques that minimise scarring and create natural-looking results. In particular, he rose to prominence for his unique approach to performing lip-lifts and brow lifts without leaving any visible scarring. His scientific and artistic approach to the dynamic of the face and its features is at the core of his surgical method and techniques.

Prof. Abu-Sittah is a multi-award-winning Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, considered one of the world-leading specialists in aesthetic surgery, craniofacial surgery and facial reconstruction. In the past decade, Prof. Abu-Sittah acted as head of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery at the prestigious American University of Beirut Medical Centre, where he performed hundreds of aesthetic surgery procedures.

An honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Barts & The London Medical School, Queen Mary University of London, he also serves as a reviewer at the UK’s National Institute of Health Research (NIHR-UK) and is on the Board of Advisors at its Global Research Group on Burn Trauma. In 2018 he was honoured by having the Bioethics & Professionalism Programme Library of the American University of Beirut, dedicated as ‘The Ghassan Abu-Sittah Library.’ 

Graduating from the School of Medicine of the University of Glasgow, Prof. Abu-Sittah went on to complete his postgraduate residency training in London. Among his various awards, he was awarded a fellowship in Trauma Reconstruction at the Royal London Hospital, and in 2010 was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (Plastic Surgery).   

Prof. Abu-Sittah’s breakthrough research and innovation and his unique background as a pioneering humanitarian has transformed the lives and appearance of his patients around the world. He combines in his work the precision of an accomplished surgeon and the expertise of a proficient academic. In 2020 he returned to London, where he works as a senior facial plastic surgeon.

Currently, Prof. Abu-Sittah has practicing privileges to conduct consultations and surgeries in the following CQC-registered establishments:

  • 121 Harley Street
  • Kensington Cosmetic Clinic